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LifeWindow™ One - Portable Veterinary Monitoring Device

veterinary monitoring device



The LifeWindow™ One is a portable veterinary monitoring device providing veterinarians and clinics with more than 10 distinctive features and benefits. This battery-powered device is engineered with premium veterinary-specific modules, such as an easily operated touchscreen user interface.

LifeWindow™ One Features at a Glance

•         Gold standard veterinary modules

•         Touchscreen operation

•         Portable and compact

•         Modules: ECG, SpO2, CO2, NIBP, Anesthetic Agents

•         Up to 7 hours of battery life

•         Configure your monitor with up to two parameters simultaneously

•         ⅗ Lead Digicare™ VetCG

•         Masimo® SET® Rainbow® oximetry with PVI®

•         Capnography with optional Anesthetic Agents

•         SunTech® VetBP® Blood Pressure

•         All monitors include a port for temperature

Check out our video featuring the LifeWindow™ One to get a closer look and walk through of this device.

A Closer Look at the LifeWindow™ One

In a class of its own, this portable veterinary monitoring device is compact and light-weight, weighing in at only three pounds. Created with convenience in mind, the LifeWindow™ One can be mounted on a rolling stand or IV pole. This upgradable device is the perfect combination of size and functionality to complement any hospital or clinic. The compact design and powerful technology make it ideal for use in post-operation, dentistry, and for veterinarians on-the-go.

All monitors ordered with only one parameter will include a plug-and-play connector for either Masimo CO2 or SpO2, available for upgrade at any time. All models come standard with a port to measure patient temperature.

The compact and versatile LifeWindow One monitor is an integral addition to any hospital or veterinary clinic setting.

About Digicare

Digicare is a family-owned company that manufactures monitoring, imaging, and infusion devices for use in the veterinary field. We have over 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing vital signs monitors specially developed for use on animals. Our line of veterinary monitors range from single parameter to sophisticated multi-parameter devices and are designed with the latest technology to provide the most accurate data.

The Digicare team places emphasis on producing products with veterinary professionals and their patients in mind. Each product is created with the sole purpose of aiding veterinarians in treating animals with the utmost confidence. By providing the right veterinary emergency devices to veterinarians we empower them to save more lives.

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