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Why Digicare

Is Digicare committed to veterinary medicine?

We are and always will be. - At Digicare, we aren’t satisfied unless our devices are able to provide veterinarians with the best possible solutions in patient care. We promise to never undercut our quality standard and risk compromising patient safety with an inferior product. All our devices are engineered to be completely veterinarian specific using only premium measurement modules that are designed and tested uniquely for animals.

Digicare commited to veterinarian medicine

How’s Digicare’s engineering helping me?

Engineering for you. - Our passion in engineering is to design medical devices that are reliable, safe and durable. This is achieved thru good design practices and using only high quality components. We strive to design modern, easy to use products so clinics can quickly and accurately operate the devices for today’s healthcare solutions. All of our monitors and telemetry systems are designed, tested and manufactured by Digicare in Florida, U.S.A.

How’s Digicare’s engineering helping me

Will Digicare’s assistance be any good?

We think you’ll like it. - Unlike many companies we design and manufacture our products. As a result, this allows us to provide support with an in depth understanding of the issues being faced and deliver the correct steps to resolving the problem. Aside from support on our products we also offer great clinical support. Any time you need assistance, feel free to give us a ring!

Will Digicare’s assistance be any good

How does Digicare assure quality?

Trusting the process. - Our quality process consists of numerous steps to insure our clients receive a fully functional and reliable device. To start, our staff of technicians and assemblers is trained on how to properly handle electronic components. Throughout the manufacture process all individual components are tested to assure they are functioning correctly before assembly. After completion of assembly all units must then pass through numerous final tests which include vibration tests, high temperature resistance tests, and patient simulation tests using our proprietary systems to guarantee all measurements and functions are working properly.

How does Digicare assure quality

What about giving back?

Yes, we do. - Here at Digicare Animal Health we are great advocates of animal care and protection. Throughout the years we have teamed up with many doctors, research facilities, universities and animal care agencies. Don’t hesitate to check out our events page to see all current and future events we will be participating in. We would love to see you there!

Digicare giving back