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Alexandra Bodan - VCA TLC Pasadena Veterinary Specialists & Emergency


"On behalf of my staff, I wanted to extend a great thank you to everyone involved in making this sponsorship happen. We truly appreciate the commitment your company has not only in quality care products, but in the aggrandized vested interest you all have for customer service and satisfaction. We received your company's generous donation which will provide our staff with some nice goodies. We have enjoyed our LifeWindow products and look forward to working with you all continually."

Dr. Jan Bellows - All Pets Dental


"I am impressed with how solid and dependable the Digicare monitoring systems are. Monitoring our patient's response to anesthesia during and after is as important as anything else we do. The Digicare monitor is a workhorse and the accessories are well made and stand the test of time."

Dr. Thomas Cusick - Watertown Animal Hospital


"My first exposure to Digicare was at the AAHA meeting in 2000. The company was getting involved with AAHA's truck showing the newest and greatest options for veterinary medicine. I had already researched the available anesthetic monitors. I was hoping to purchase one with SPO2, CO2, and maybe BP. I stopped by their booth. I was quite impressed by the availability of SPO2, CO2, and BP. Access to temperature, gas level, and ECG made it above and beyond what i expected. I also convinced 6 other Board members to purchase a monitor too. I have continued to use the monitor over the last 18 years. I currently have a LifeWindow LW9X. I still like the gas levels, BP, and CO2 the most. I feel very comfortable doing surgery daily knowing the monitor is watching closely the level of anesthesia the patient is maintaining. I use the Life Window to help assure we are taking extra measures to keep each owner's pet safe. Most owners are afraid of anesthesia's safety. We explain how the monitor helps decrease that risk. That information is making owners more comfortable when they leave their pet for the day. Pet owners who decline dental procedures and surgery because of anesthesia fear will often agree after we again illustrate the increased safety with closely monitors anesthesia. More than one client has said that they would be happy to do the surgery if we could 'do it awake.' As we continue to explain the procedure is safe, better performed and less painful under anesthesia, they better see the benefit of excellently monitored anesthesia. Pain and anesthesia are the owners biggest concerns that they mention most frequently."

Dr. Bill Fredregill - Veterinary Medical Clinic


"One of the best measures of any company is the service, and in that many years we have had excellent service from the company."

Dr. Andre Shih - Capital Veterinary Specialists


"What I most like about the Digicare monitors is that they include PVI, Plethysmographic Variation Index, which indicates patient fluid status, so I can see how much fluid overload the patient has or if the patient needs fluid"