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LifeWindow™ One

LifeWindow™ One

  • IconGold Standard Measurements
  • Icon100% Veterinary Specific
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  • IconUp to 7 Hours Battery
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Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A


Digicare’s LifeWindow One is a portable multi-parameter veterinary monitor engineered with premium veterinary specific modules. With its user-friendly touch screen interface and compact size weighing in at only 3lb, this veterinary monitor is in a class of its own. Made with convenience in mind, the LifeWindow One can be easily mounted on a rolling stand or IV pole. This monitor brings together the perfect combination of size and functionality to complement any hospital/clinic setting.

Accuracy Matters

LifeWindow is built to improve patient outcomes by delivering quick and accurate measurements from critical care to routine checkups on any species. This device is equipped with clinically validated measurement modules that are backed by years of research.


  • ECG

    Digicare’s AnimalEKG™ utilizes an advanced algorithm based on spectrum analysis developed using ECG data acquired from numerous animal recordings. Backed by extensive testing in general practice, universities, and zoos our ECG technology is proven to deliver reliable readings for research and clinical purposes.

  • SpO2
    Pulse Oximetry

    Proven in 150 independent clinical studies, Masimo’s® pulse oximetry has been the leading technology for veterinarians around the world. Accurate SpO2 readings are provided during challenging conditions such as low perfusion, caused by Alpha II agonists and Propophol, and motion.

  • CO2

    Our capnography solutions provide comprehensive measurements including End-tidal, inspired, and a real time CO2 waveform. Options for mainstream and/or sidestream are available for monitoring your patient’s every breath.

  • NIBP
    Non-Invasive BP

    Obtaining reliable BP measurements from animals can be challenging. Suntech’s® VetBP™ module uses an animal specific algorithm designed with motion tolerant technology. Whether it be a routine check-up or a procedure, the readings will be timely and precise for any species.

  • TEMP

    Digicare’s temperature module is thoroughly calibrated for veterinary patient use. Our temperature probes are constructed of high quality rubber. The rubber’s flexibility allows for easy rectal or esophageal placement. Temperature is included in all models the probe sold separately.



The LifeWindow One comes equipped with several advanced features adding safety and simplicity to the operation of the device.

Patient Management


Customizable display adjusts automatically providing best visibility of parameters in use.





iOS App

The LifeWindow App is an application for iPads and iPhones which connects to any WiFi enabled LifeWindow One adding several enhancements.

Patient Management

Remote Viewing

Allows all vitals and waveforms to be viewed remotely from all size iPads with the LifeWindow App. Learn More+

Remote Viewing

Control Settings

Capture ECG

Patient Reports

Technical Specifications

Available Measurements

  • 3/5 Lead Digicare™ VetECG™
  • Masimo® Set® Rainbow® Oximetry with PVI®
  • Capnography with Optional Anesthetic Agents
  • SunTech® VetBP® Blood Pressure
  • Temperature


  • Export Patient Data to USB Flash Drive
  • Easily Operated Touchscreen
  • 96 Hours Trends Recording (Recorded Every 30 seconds)
  • Customizable Display
  • Patient Profiles
  • Standardized 3 Tone Priority Alarm System
  • Adaptive Monitoring Technology
  • Automatic Screen Rotation

More Specs

  • Display - 4.3 inch Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Weight - 3-5 lb. Depending on Configuration
  • Battery - Up to 7 hours
  • Relative Humidity - 30 to 70% (non-condensing)
  • Main Voltage - Automatic Selection 100V to 240V AC (50/60 Hz)
  • Battery - Internal Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Safety - Meets IEC601-1-1 and IEC 601-1-2



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