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LifeWindow 9x Vet - Custom Built Veterinary Monitor

veterinary monitoring device

The LifeWindow 9xVet is a veterinary monitor that is ideal for any clinic or hospital setting and is custom built for your monitoring needs. The base model features 3 lead ECG, Masimo Sp02, Suntech NIBP, and temperature. Optional upgrades include 5 lead ECG, up to 4 channels of invasive blood pressure, mainstream or sidestream CO2, anesthetic gas detection, and cardiac output. 


LifeWindow 9xVet Features at a Glance

  • Gold Standard Measurements
  • Validated measurement modules for use in all species
  • Large 12.1‘‘ Touch Screen Display
  • 100% Veterinary Specific
  • Network Connectivity
  • Remote Viewing & Printing
  • Full Patient Reports
  • MRI safe Model Available


A Closer Look at the LifeWindow 9xVet

The large touch screen makes it easy to admit and discharge patients, save vital signs reports, and review records. The LW9x can also be networked providing users with the ability to remotely view the monitor from any location, upload vital signs data to practice management software, and also utilize the integration with SmartFlow anesthetic sheet for real time data records. 


All patient vital signs can be saved to a PDF or Excel report. These files can be easily sent to a local or network printer. For clinics that need to quickly print the ECG waveforms, we offer an optional strip chart recorder. 


The LifeWindow 9 is built to improve patient outcomes by delivering fast and accurate measurements from critical care to routine procedures on all species. This device is equipped with clinically validated measurement modules that are backed by years of research. 


LifeWindow 9xVet MRI

The LW9x veterinary monitor also has a model that can be used for MRI. The MRI safe model stays in the control room and comes with MRI compatible leads to reach the patient in the MRI room. 


About Digicare


Digicare has been dedicated to providing veterinarians with the best technology for over 20 years. We proudly manufacture our products in the U.S.

Our team develops technology that veterinarians can trust and is easy to use. Each Digicare product comes with a warranty plus lifetime support. Our exceptional customer support team is available to assist with setup and troubleshooting. At Digicare, we believe in going above and beyond for our customers by providing the products veterinarians need to deliver the best care for their patients.

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