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Introducing the LifeWindow One App!


Digicare Animal Health® is excited to announce the launch of our latest innovation, the LifeWindow® App! This new addition was designed to complement the LifeWindow One in a streamlined, accessible, and advanced manner — reinforcing Digicare’s reputation for helping clients treat their patients with confidence.

Compatible with the LifeWindow One, this Apple® iPad® App adds numerous enhancements to our popular patient monitor, including remote live viewing from anywhere in the clinic. Patient admission is quick and easy through the user-friendly interface plus the touchscreen interaction allows users to seamlessly change measurement settings and order Digicare accessories with the touch of a finger.


Additional functionality to further enhance your LifeWindow One experience include:

Quick and easy patient admission, allowing all patient information to be automatically saved upon patient discharge

Ability to input notes to the patient’s medical record.

Ability to quickly capture and save up to 2 hours of ECG, making in-depth access and analysis easier than ever

Easy digital transfer or printing of any saved records

Remotely view measurement changes from the LifeWindow App


Advantages of the LifeWindow App:

Print wirelessly to any AirPrint®-enabled printer

Extremely high-resolution displays, producing bright and clear images on the screen.

Convenient portability of the iPad allows veterinarians to walk around the clinic and easily monitor patient health

The App is available in numerous screen sizes 9.7”, 10.5”, and 12.9” and the 7.9” Mini to accommodate any client’s preference

Capability to broadcast to an external TV in the operating room, ensuring constant monitoring is always possible


About LifeWindow® One:

In a class of its own, this portable veterinary patient monitor is compact and light-weight, weighing in at only three pounds. Created with convenience in mind, the LifeWindow One can be mounted on a rolling stand or IV pole. This upgradable device is the perfect combination of size and functionality to complement any hospital or clinic. The compact design and powerful technology makes it ideal for use in post-operation and dentistry applications, or for veterinarians on-the-go.

All monitors ordered with only one parameter will include a plug-and-play connector for either Masimo CO2 or SpO2, available for upgrade at any time. All models come standard with a port to measure patient temperature.

The compact and versatile LifeWindow One monitor is an integral addition to any hospital or veterinary clinic setting.

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