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Careers at Digicare


Engineering at Digicare involves collaborating with a team to develop innovative medical devices that improve patient treatment. We look for hardware and software engineers that have a working knowledge of the latest technology and can work to present new solutions in medicine that will impact healthcare everywhere.


Sales positions include domestic and international sales and are responsible for traveling and being representatives for the company at various events around the world. Sales professions require someone who is friendly and able to communicate effectively our products to customers. Having some understanding of veterinary medicine is beneficial.


Customer support and service is a highly valued position at Digicare as providing great assistance to our customers is a priority. We look for people with a positive attitude that are comfortable with talking to customers and working with technology. Having experience working in a clinical environment is beneficial.


Manufacturing at Digicare is composed of several positions which include electronic technicians, inventory clerks, and assemblers who work as a team to ensure quality manufacturing in an effective and efficient manner. We look for people who are hardworking, work well with others, and are familiar with electronic components.


Our management positions consist of office manager, production manager, and sales managers. All management positions require high level of knowledge in their respective areas along with the ability to lead and guide others in an effective manner.