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Importance of CO2 Monitoring

Why is CO2 monitoring important? 

ETCO2 is a good indicator of how well your patient is ventilating. Changes in ETCO2 will occur before you see a decrease in SP02 and is an indirect method of monitoring CO. Without it you can't accurately assess if your patients are hypoventilating (common complication of anesthesia). Negative consequences of not monitoring ETCO2 are respiratory acidosis, tachycardia due to hypercapnia, systemic vasodilation, increased intracranial pressure and hypoxemia. It is also a great monitor to use during CPR and is called for if you follow the RECOVER guidelines. A drop in ETCO2 is often the first thing you will notice as a precursor to cardiopulmonary arrest. 


Last Modified: 08/07/2019

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