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Digipump SR31x Adding New Syringe

The SR31x has several Syringe brands stored in the library. To add a new Syringe, you
need to edit and calibrate one of the brands that are not being used.
1.2. Press “Home” key to enter the Home screen.
1.3. Press System Set and press Collection Set.
1.4. Press Brand Collection. Check the box to enable any unused brand in the library.
1.5. Press “Home” key twice to enter the Home screen.
1.6. Press Infusion Set, press Brand and select the Brand you want to edit or calibrate.

2. Edit and Calibrate Syringe brand
2.1. Press “Home” key twice to enter the Home screen.
2.2. Then press “System Set”, then press “Maintenance”.
2.3. Press “Local Set”, enter password “1666”, click “Confirm”

2.4. Select Consumable setup.
2.5. Select Calibrate.
2.6. Select Edit.
2.7. Select “Producer”. Use the back arrow to erase the current Brand and type the new Syringe
Brand name and press Confirm.
2.8. Press the “Return” arrow to return to previous screen.
2.9. Select the syringe “Size” to be calibrated.
2.10. Place the new syringe in the pump, with the piston as to the end as possible. In the picture
below the 60 ml syringe is being calibrated as a new 50 ml syringe. The piston is over the 58ml scale.

2.11. Click and hold the “Start Purge” until the syringe piston is over the desired 50ml scale, and
release the finger stopping the purge.
NOTE: By purging and pulling the piston over 50ml scale, the mechanical clearance of the
plunger is eliminated. It helps guarantee a more accurate infusion.
2.12. Press “Start/Stop Cal” to start the calibration process. The message “Calibrating” will be displayed. 

2.13. In case there is an error message during the calibration, make sure the syringe is new, not
hard to move, press “Return” and return to step 2.10.
2.14. When the syringe reaches the end, the message “Calibrate Finished” is displayed. Press
“Confirm” to save the calibration factors.
2.15. Select other sizes of the same Brand and repeat the calibration process for all sizes of
syringes from the same Brand.
2.16. Click on the “Home” key to finish the calibration


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