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LifeWindow One App

If your LifeWindow One has wireless installed and has software version or higher, you can visit your Apple App Store and download the LifeWindow app onto your iPad version 11.0 or higher. Once you have the app downloaded, you can then view vitals and waveforms, configure parameter settings, record up to 2 hours ECG waveforms (time is dependent on the size of your iPad) all patient records both tabular and ECG reports can be emailed or printed using Air Print.

Connecting to the Wifi:

Once the app is opened, it will ask to enter serial number, confirm the serial number is correct and you will then be prompted to join the network. You can then select your network, enter the password for Wifi and save and the monitor will save this information. Once your network is configured, a message will pop asking to join the selected WiFi network, you will then click join. **You can choose to connect directly to the LWOne, the benefit of this is that the connection is stable however, you are unable to take the iPad out of the room the monitor is in, email data or save data wirelessly. You will also need to reconnect directly each time you use the monitor. Benefits of Wifi are that you email data, save data wirelessly, have a longer range of the iPad and you won’t need to reconnect each time they use the monitor.





Last Modified: 05/31/2019

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