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The Latest Technology in Veterinary Emergency Devices: CentralVue and TeleVue


The CentralVue™ Veterinary 9-Channel Multi-Parameter Telemetry System is the answer to your needs for critical care and veterinary specific devices. This advanced system receives vital signs from portable TeleVue™ transmitters, easily connecting all data to your clinic’s network, allowing for seamless data transfer via a built-in wireless adapter. The CentralVue™ can be accessed and controlled from anywhere using computers, tablets, and smartphones. 

CentralVue™ Features at a Glance

  • Configurable up to 9 channels
  • Ultra-small 5 lead ECG transmitter
  • Large HD 23” display with touch screen operation
  • Display up to 6 leads simultaneously
  • Arrhythmias and ST segment analysis
  • ECG player with full measurements and analysis capabilities
  • 48 hours of ECG recording/printing
  • Optional Nellcor® OxiMax® VetSat® SpO2
  • Patient data stored in MX Excel®
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connection
  • Remote access from any device

A Closer Look at the TeleVue™’s Capabilities

A dedicated all-in-one touch screen computer and standard Bluetooth® receiver make this an easy to use system. Each individual channel has 6 programmable waveform traces and an easy to understand display. A 48-hour ECG recorder offers full disclosure printing. You will find an ECG measurement tool allows for abnormalities in data to be efficiently detected and sent to surgeons or cardiologists, improving patient outcomes. 

The CentralVue will generate both Excel® and PDF® reports of tabular data to be printed or saved for a later time. 

At Digicare, we offer two models of the TeleVue™ transmitters. The TeleVue™ TV1x is an ultra small transmitter that measures 3 and 5 lead ECG.  The transmitter has a 24-hour battery and comes with a wearable vest for continuous monitoring. The TeleVue™ TV2x is a multi-parameter transmitter, designed to be used kennel-side, with the ability to measure 5 lead ECG, ST segment analysis, arrhythmias, respiration, temperature and optional Nellcor® OxiMax® VetSat® SpO2. As a standard feature, these vital signs are automatically sent to the CentralVue up to 300 ft away with the option to extend to 1000 ft.

About Digicare 

Digicare is a family-owned company that manufactures monitoring, imaging, and infusion devices for use in the veterinary field. We have over twenty years of experience designing and manufacturing vital signs monitors specially designed for use on animals. Our line of veterinary monitors range from single parameter to sophisticated multi-parameter devices created with the latest technology to provide the most accurate data. 

The Digicare team places emphasis on producing products with veterinary professionals and their patients in mind. Each product is created with the sole purpose of aiding veterinarians in treating animals with the utmost confidence. By providing the right veterinary emergency devices to veterinarians, we empower them to save more lives. 

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Check out our video featuring the CentralVue™ and TeleVue™ to get a closer look and a walk through of these devices.