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Smart Vet Patient Monitoring at Digicare


Are you using smart vet patient monitoring in your clinic or hospital? Digicare provides veterinary specific monitors with the latest advancements in technology. Our devices are specially designed to deliver accurate and reliable readings for patients of all sizes, ranging from companion to exotic animals. 


Smart Vet Patient Monitoring Devices

Vet vital signs monitors such as the LifeWindow Lite include Ethernet and available Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing for access to data from computers, tablets, and mobile phones. 


State-of-the-art multi-channel telemetry systems, including the CentralVue and TeleVue transmitters, provide remote patient monitoring from anywhere in the hospital along with seamless access to data from multiple devices. 


Remote Access to Patient Vitals

At Digicare, we know the importance of accurate data and having quick and easy access to this information. As a result, our smart patient monitoring devices include the ability to print tabular reports, trends, and waveforms to local or network printers. Additionally, we have integrated with Smart Flow anesthetic sheets to provide real time vitals. Select devices allow staff to view and control patient monitors from popular smartphones. 


Customizable Options to Suit Each Veterinarian’s Needs

Each veterinary hospital and clinic has their own unique needs, so we’ve created monitors that are configurable and upgradable with several additional parameter options, providing the ideal solution for your facility. With Digicare products, customers receive superior technology and easy to use interfaces combined with durable designs. 


Emphasis on Creating Quality Products

Exceptional quality and performance is a benchmark among Digicare products as we design, manufacture, and test each device at our warehouse. Whether a device is being used during surgery or a dental cleaning, the accurate and reliable technology aids veterinarians, providing improved patient outcomes. 


To learn more about Digicare Animal Health and our smart vet patient monitoring devices, please visit our website or contact us today at 561.689.0408.