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CentralVue CV8


  • Up to 9 Channels
  • 48 Hour ECG Recordings
  • Arrhythmia ST Segment Analysis
  • 2 Transmitter Models Available
  • 23 Inch Touchscreen Display
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Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A


Digicare’s CentralVue is an all-in-one touch screen computer featuring a nine-channel veterinary telemetry system that receives vital signs from TeleVue transmitters through a multichannel Bluetooth® access point. These TeleVue transmitters are portable devices that stay with your patient, measuring vital signs that will automatically be sent to the CentralVue up to 300ft away with the option to extend this to 1000ft. Two models are available for the TeleVue Transmitters: TV1x and TV2x. The TV1x is ultra-small and measures 3/5 lead ECG. Our TV2x is multi-parameter and measures 3/5 lead ECG, ST segment analysis, arrhythmias, respiration, temperature and optional SpO2. The CentralVue software will generate both Excel and PDF reports of tabular data and includes a 48 hour ECG recorder that offers full disclosure printing. The built in wireless adapter allows the CentralVue to easily connect to the clinic’s network for seamless data transfer. The CentralVue can be accessed and controlled from anywhere using computers, tablets and smart phones.

CentralVue Overview


TeleVue TV1x
TeleVue TV1x

TV1x is ultra-small, measuring 3 and 5 lead ECG. Capable of transmitting up to 300ft and can be expanded up 1000ft.

TeleVue TV2x
TeleVue TV2x

VTV2x is multi-parameter, measuring 3 and 5 lead ECG, ST segment analysis, arrhythmias, respiration, temperature, and optionally Nellcor® VetOX® SPO2.


CentralVue Features

Up to 48 hours recording of any ECG lead with its built in ECG recorder/player and measurement tool.

CentralVue Features

ECG recorder/player has a measurement tool for making several ECG waveform measurement of time and amplitude

CentralVue Features

ECG full disclosure 1 hour per page printouts up to 48 hours.

CentralVue Features

Sample of 5 lead ECG report with ST segment arrhythmias and vital signs.

Technical Specifications

Available Transmitters

  • TV1x 3/5 Lead ECG
  • TV2x 3/5 Lead ECG, Respiration, Temperature and Optional SpO2


  • 9 Channel Config
  • Arrhythmias and ST segment analysis
  • 48 Hour ECG Recording/Printing
  • ECG Player Analysis Capabilities
  • 48 Hour ECG Full Disclosure
  • Patient Data Stored in MS Excel
  • Built- In WIFI Connection
  • Remote Access

More Specs

  • Display - Large 23” Touchscreen
  • Relative Humidity - 30-70% (Non-Condensing)
  • Main Voltage - Automatic Selection 100V-240V AC (50/60Hz)
  • Safety - Meets IEC601-1-1 and IEC 601-1-2

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