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LifeWindow™ Lite
Product Description

Packing a tremendous amount of features and benefits, the new Digicare™ LifeWindow™ Lite is small in size but very big in performance. Designed around the award winning Windows®  Embedded Operating System and using only world class veterinary vital signs modules, the monitor delivers unprecedented performance and reliability. Several options of measurement modules are available. Because the LifeWindow™ Lite is configurable and upgradable, it can have additional modules installed at any time. Operation is very intuitive by means of a touch screen graphical user interface. All vital signs monitored are saved in a MS Excel® spreadsheet that is AAHA compliant and can be easily transferred to any practice management software either by the network or by a USB jump drive. All reports and ECG can be either printed to the optional built in strip chart recorder, to a regular printer or to a PDF document. Remote viewing and controlling the LifeWindow™ Lite is possible using an Intranet or the Internet.
By use of remote viewing software, the LifeWindow™ Lite monitoring screen can be accessed from anywhere in the hospital and away using Computers, PDAs and Smart Cellular Phones like the Apple® iPhone® or any other smart phone running Windows® Mobile®. Please contact a Digicare™ sales representative today to find out more about this exciting new veterinary vital signs monitor.

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Features and Benefits
  • High Definition 8.4” TFT screen
  • Touch Screen Operation
  • Wired or Wireless Network connection
  • PDF printing
  • Several options for hardcopy printing including a built in strip chart or any windows compatible printer connected either directly to the monitor or through the network
  • Only veterinary Specific Vital Signs Modules
  • Capable of detecting heart rates up to 999 BPM for lab animals
  • Standard Masimo® SET® Rainbow® pulse oximetry
  • Upgradable to include all Masimo® SET® Rainbow® CO-Oximetry measurements like SpHb®, SpCO®, SpMet®, SpOC®, PVI® and RRa®
  • Waveforms sweep speeds from 6.25mm/s up to 200 mm/s for high heart rate animals
  • Several Options of Capnography including a non occluding low flow side-stream Module
  • Automatic Arrhythmia detection and ST segment elevation and depression measurement
  • High performance, veterinary only, non invasive blood pressure for anesthetized and awake animals
  • Respiration monitoring with waveform using our exclusive VetResp™ technology.
  • Rugged high impact aluminum case increases reliability and reduces EMI susceptibility
  • Remote viewing and control of the monitor using Computers, PDAs and Smart Cell phones like the Apple iPhone and Windows Mobile phones
  • Designed and Made in the USA
  • ECG patient cable (10’ length) – 3 Leads Conmed (EC001)
  • Set of 3 ECG lead-wires with smooth clip (40’ length) for Conmed Patient Cable (EC014)
  • Masimo® SET® Rainbow® (12’ Length) SpO2 Patient Cable (PO759)
  • Masimo® SET® SpO2 Tip-Clip Sensor (PO756)
  • NIBP Hose (BP011)
  • NIBP Cuff #1 3-6cm (Plastic) for small kittens and similar-sized patients (BP006)
  • NIBP Cuff #2 4-8cm (Plastic) for kittens, cats and small dogs and similar-sized patients (BP007)
  • NIBP Cuff #3 6-11cm (Plastic) for large cats and small dogs (BP008)
  • NIBP Cuff #4 7-13cm (Plastic) for small to medium dogs (BP009)
  • NIBP Cuff #5 8-15cm (Plastic) for medium to large dogs (BP010)
  • NIBP Cuff #6 8-13cm (Cloth) for large cats and small dogs (BP005)
  • NIBP Cuff #7 12 to 19cm (Cloth) for large dogs (BP003)
  • Temperature rectal/esophageal probe – reusable (TP004)
  • Power cord (PC001)